We coin phrases, trend topics, and create movements.

We sit at the intersection between technology, commerce and entertainment. A collective of visionaries with over 60 years of combined experience in visual storytelling, marketing and technology. The world is our playground.

​We took 147 international flights last year alone. Our work has reached an online viewership totalling over 1 Billion worldwide. We hold a CISSP certification along with several bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees. We have been honoured with an Emmy nomination, Cannes Gold Lion and a Crest award for our amazing smiles.

  • Rock Jacobs
    Rock JacobsDesigner
  • Stewart Bain
    Stewart BainBuilder
  • Adam Walker
    Adam WalkerDreamer
  • Simon Jackson
    Simon JacksonConnector
  • Felicia D. Henderson
    Felicia D. HendersonThinker
  • Enrique Caldera
    Enrique CalderaAssembler
  • Berenice Jacobs
    Berenice JacobsEnforcer
  • Becktoria

Though we’d rather let our work speak for us.

Let us know what you’re up to. We’d love to be involved.